new VL460

Infection Prevention
Weight Balanced
All Blade Sizes
Slim Profile
Image of UESCOPE VL460 Single Use Video Laryngoscope

Excellent Weight Distribution

Less torque equals comfort and precise control

The new display is just the right size and weight. Combined with single-use blades, the scope feels comfortable and well-balanced in your hand — The classic UESCOPE® user experience.

Image of UESCOPE VL460 Monitor


Display 3" Touch Screen (720x480 pixel)
Weight Monitor 150 g, blade 39-55 g
Memory 32 GB (up to 16 hours video)
Tilt & Rotation 110° tilt, 270° rotate
Power Li-ion rechargeable, 2250 mAh
Working Time 200 minutes of continuous use

Five Sizes of UE Blades

Same trustworthy mid-angulated blades ready for both routine and difficult intubation.

Image of UESCOPE VL460 Single-Use Blades

Order Information

UESCOPE 2 Starter Kit 460-1200 VL460 Video Laryngoscope Kit 1
Single-Use Blade 010-3001 Single-Use Blade D0 1
010-3010 Single-Use Blade D1 1
010-3020 Single-Use Blade D2 1
010-3030 Single-Use Blade D3 1
010-3040 Single-Use Blade D4 1