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On What Matters
VL400 video laryngscope disposable version
Disposable VL
Single-use disposable sheath minimizes the risk of cross contamination during intubation, improves turnaround time.
VL400 video laryngscope resusable version
Reusable VL
Various sizes of reusable blade range from neonatal to morbidly obese. Amazing imaging quality and no running cost.
VL400 video laryngscope video stylet
Video Stylet
Uniqe S-curve with built-in CMOS camera instead of fiber optics. Designed for difficult airway, small mouth openning, C-Spine, etc.

The UE Signature

Low-profile Angulated VL System

Best-in-class angulation

UE's signature AVL blade features a hybrid of shallow Macintosh base and optimized ~45° angulated tip, to improve smooth ET tube delivery and yet retain the benefit of anterior visualization, helping you achieve 99% first-attempt success rate.

Seeing the whole picture

UE cameras have been precisely tilted at different angles for each blade size. The camera not only delivers crystal clear undistorted imaging, but also captures all structures under the blade tip — No more blind spot, making UE a trustworthy angulated VL system.

Low profile angulation design of UE video laryngoscope blade.

The power of angulated blade

Hyper-angulated video laryngoscope blade has a larger anterior viewing angle that is essential to improve glottic exposure for difficult airway where Macintosh video laryngoscope blade fails.

Key Benefits

Designed by Anesthesiologist

Designed by renowed Anesthesiologist to meet the needs of 21st century airway management. Choices of various blades and configurations with optimal view angles for vocal cord.

Simple &

Lightweight, portable, cordless. No mounting pole and dangling cables to dance with. Worry-free long-lasting rechargeable battery. Simple to carry, easy to learn, easy to use.

Built-in Ready for Difficult Airway

Our signature angulated blades always be ready for unexpected difficult airway. Low-profile footprint leaves more room for a straight-forward intubation.

Affordable &
Cost Saving

Lower your videolaryngoscopy equipment cost and running cost significantly. Made videolaryngoscopy practically accessible to every room and ambulance.


Monitor can be both vertical tilted and horizontal rotated so you choose perfect viewing angle. Especially benefial for intubation in a confined space.


First responders choose automatic video recording mode so they can cross one item off their checklist. Extremely helpful for group learning and quality assurance.

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Video stylet demo

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Videolaryngoscopy is essential to reduce coronavirus exposure to our soldiers who intubate COVID patients to save lifes. We have been doing the best to keep our supplies available for them across the nation.

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